What’s in store for 2012!

For five years now, Young Voices has been supporting youth to influence education policies at the school, district, and state level. This work has included successfully pushing for an equitable state funding formula, effective teacher evaluations, and teacher certification that is connected to classroom performance, as well as playing an active role in helping RI’s leaders obtain a $75 million Race to the Top grant.

For the past two years, we have focused on ensuring that youth have real input into the
redesign of their schools. Learn more about this work. We created, and replicated, an
effective model for supporting students to truly be partners in school redesign. In our model, students are supported to study the school’s reform plan, get the input of the whole student body on it, and work alongside the principal and teachers to implement changes suggested by all the students.

We are now ready to share this model with communities throughout Rhode Island and
across the country. Nationally, more than 800 schools have been identified as “turnaround
schools.” Schools across this country should be able to benefit from using our successful
model to improve their school culture, graduation rates, and test scores. Students can and
should be critical partners in reaching school reform goals—honestly, who would know
better than students how to reach goals such as increasing graduation rates? If you would
like to learn more, or bring this model to your community, please contact us

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