Our Programs


Leadership Transformation Academy (LTA)

Leadership Transformation Academy coaches young people in advanced policy analysis, public speaking, and community organizing. From the moment youth arrive at our doorstep, we invest in their leadership journey through intensive programs that enhance critical thinking skills, earn credit for learning, and promote self-care. LTA meets every Monday and Thursday afternoon at our downtown Providence space. High school youth of all backgrounds, identities, and abilities are welcome.


Reimagine Learning

Young Voices believes that young people must be the prime movers of their own educational destinies, and strive to permanently upend the traditional top-down power structure among students, teachers, and administrators. Our youth sit on school redesign committees, lead professional development workshops, and even teach classes during the school day.


College Access & Success

Young Voices guides young adults along postsecondary trajectories far exceeding those of their most alike peers. 84% of Young Voices alumni graduate college within six years, vastly outpacing the national average of 21% for low-income, first generation college students. Youth receive extensive college help throughout all four years of their high school journey in the form of campus visits, financial aid advice, and common application assistance.

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Policy Intiatives

Young Voices students are more than just leaders – they are the frontline innovators and agents of change across Rhode Island. From the schoolhouse to the State House, our youth are spearheading campaigns to practice restorative justice, implement a citywide ethnic studies curriculum, support trauma-informed policies, and transform the out-of-school time space.

Summer 2

Workforce Development

Our six-week Summer Workforce Program immerses young people in real-world experiences including STEM Exploration, Finance, Entrepreneurship, and Urban Development. Youth engage in exclusive on-site visits to banking centers, engineering firms, and universities all over Rhode Island, receiving career advice from experienced professionals.